As a part of the process for Australian citizenship by conferral, you may need to have an interview before sitting the citizenship test

Citizenship interview

If you have applied for Australian citizenship by conferral and your application has been accepted, you may be required to attend an interview and sit the citizenship test.

All applicants who are required to sit the test will have an interview first. Most applicants aged between 18 and 59 at the time of application have to sit the test. Applicants aged 16 or 17 years and some applicants who are 60 and over, are also required to have an interview. Make sure you are well prepared for the interview by reading Our Common Bond booklet. You will get all the information about duties and responsibilities of an individual as a citizen of Australia in the booklet.

If you have children included in your application they do not need to attend the appointment.

What to bring to the interview

DHA will advise you what documents you will need to bring to the interview.  Make sure you bring original copies of all documents requested including your original identity documents. DHA does not accept certified copies. 

If you don’t bring all the documents required, your interview will be changed to a later date.

For applicants required to sit the test

Applicants aged 16 and 17 years old

Applicants aged 60 years old and over

What you need to know

Citizenship Test

How to prepare for the test

If you are applying for Australian citizenship by conferral, you do not need to sit the test if you:​
– are under 18 years old at the time you apply for citizenship
– are aged 60 or over at the time you apply for citizenship
– were born to a former Australian citizen who automatically lost Australian citizenship because they became a citizen of another country when they were an adult
– were born in Papua before 16 September 1975 to an Australian citizen born in Australia (as Australia is now)
– were stateless when born in Australia and are not entitled to the citizenship of another country
– have a substantial impairment to or permanent loss of hearing, speech or sight
– have a permanent or enduring mental or physical incapacity, that means that you cannot understand the nature of your application, nor show that you have a basic knowledge of English or an adequate knowledge of Australia and the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

DHA will write to you with the date, time and place of your appointment. ​

Generally, citizenship appointments are held at:​
– department offices in most Australian capital cities
– some Services Australia offices in regional areas

If you live outside Australia and apply from outside Australia, DHA will contact you and arrange for you to take the citizenship test at an Australian Government embassy, high commission, consulate, multilateral mission or representative office.​

Your test results are sent to Australia for marking so there might be a delay in receiving your results.​

Arrive on time.

At the test centre, a staff member will:

– interview you
– verify your identity
– check your original documents
– take your photo
– confirm if you can take the test

Children are not allowed in the test centre. Arrange for childcare while you take the test.

You will use a computer to take the test, and your result will show straight after you complete it.

Let a member of staff know if you cannot read the computer screen or use a computer mouse.

You must not bring any test resource material into the testing venue. Place your personal belongings under the desk while you do the test.

Follow the test rules, or you will be asked to leave.

– Turn off your mobile phone and put it away
– Do not talk to other people
– Do not use any books, paper or other material to help you do the test
– Do not copy answers from anyone
– Complete the test within 45 minutes
– Raise your hand to get help from a staff member if you need help with the computer

If you do not follow the rules, you will be asked to leave the venue.

Low computer skills

You may get help from staff to use the computer if you have low computer skills.

Unable to read English

You cannot bring anyone with you to help with the test. If you cannot read English, you can listen to the questions.

An assisted test is available if you have:
– asked for it in your application
– completed at least 400 hours of English language tuition under the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)
– been assessed by the AMEP provider as not having the reading skills needed to take the test without help

DHA allow 90 minutes for people to complete the assisted test.

If you pass the test, processing of your citizenship application will continue.​

If you fail the test

You can retake the test on the same day if possible. You can also re-book the test for another time, especially if you need more time to prepare

You will not charged for taking the test again. Failing the test does not affect your permanent visa or stop you from living in Australia.

Ready for your interview and
sit the test?